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All organization requires a Web and Mobile application for Online learning and teaching marketplace with One to One Mentoring and personalized learning Activities Multi Course (E-Learning, B2B) to make their entire learning process system online both mobile and web application interfaces should be Multilingual Arabic, Malayalam, Hindi and English. The online system provides details about all running courses andits allows to join students/users (public) with online fee payment using credit/debit cards.

Custom E-Learning Development

Live Classes

Schedule timely reminders and study in the comfort of your home.

Video tutorials

Watch short Video Classes to learn new concepts by attending Live Classes.

Chat room

Student can chat and report their concerns to teacher/supervisors

Custom E-Learning Development

Study Materials

Keep and use your study materials at your finger tip.

Course Plan

Short Term and Long term Courses with Different Subscription Plan.


Course, batch and criteria creation, option to create teacher, supervisor and administrator

Custom E-Learning Development
Video Classes

Tutor Pro allows you to deliver engaging, high-quality recorded video classes organized lesson by lesson, enabling students to learn at their own pace and revisit content as needed. This feature accommodates the diverse needs of learners by offering a flexible learning experience, which in turn leads to improved learning outcomes. With Tutor Pro's structured and accessible video classes, your e-learning platform becomes a preferred choice for students seeking a comprehensive and effective educational resource.

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Custom E-Learning Development
Live Classes

Tutor Pro's live classes are a vital aspect of a comprehensive e-learning platform. These interactive sessions allow instructors to schedule virtual classrooms in advance, ensuring students are notified about upcoming classes. In real time, instructors and students can engage and collaborate, creating an immersive learning experience that effectively mirrors traditional face-to-face instruction. By offering such a dynamic and well-coordinated feature, Tutor Pro helps your e-learning platform stand out as an attractive and reliable option for students seeking a cutting-edge educational experience.

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Custom E-Learning Development
Test Series

Academic administrators can create customized tests by selecting questions from the question bank. These tests serve as an effective means of evaluating students' understanding of the course material and tracking their progress. By offering a structured assessment system, Tutor Pro helps enhance the learning outcomes for your e-learning platform's users.

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Custom E-Learning Development
Practice Exams

Tutor Pro empowers students to take control of their learning journey by enabling them to create their own practice exams from the lessons they choose. This personalized approach allows students to focus on areas they need to improve, providing a more targeted and efficient learning experience. By offering such a flexible and customizable assessment tool, Tutor Pro positions your e-learning platform as an invaluable resource for student success.

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Custom E-Learning Development
Study Materials

In addition to video and live classes, providing extensive study materials is essential for a well-rounded e-learning platform. Tutor Pro enables you to offer students a wealth of supplementary resources, including PDFs, presentations, and articles, which further enrich their learning journey. By offering diverse and supportive materials, Tutor Pro ensures that your e-learning platform is a go-to resource for students seeking an all-inclusive and effective educational experience.

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Custom E-Learning Development
Chat Rooms

Creating a strong sense of community is crucial for a successful e-learning platform. Tutor Pro's chat rooms allow academic administrators to establish subject or course-specific groups, as well as enable personal chats between students and instructors. With a monitoring option available from the admin dashboard, Tutor Pro ensures that communication remains transparent and appropriate. This feature not only encourages collaboration and engagement among users but also contributes to a supportive and well-organized learning environment.

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Custom E-Learning Development

Tutor Pro's assignment feature empowers educators to assign tasks, projects, and quizzes, enabling them to assess students' comprehension of the course material. With the ability to assign tasks directly to students, educators can monitor their progress as they complete and upload their work. This feature not only facilitates the evaluation of student's performance but also allows instructors to provide personalized feedback and guidance. By incorporating such a versatile and interactive assessment tool, Tutor Pro enhances the learning experience and promotes greater student success.

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Custom E-Learning Development
Student Analysis

Monitoring and analyzing students' performance is crucial for optimizing your e-learning platform. Tutor Pro's student analysis feature provides academic administrators with comprehensive insights into individual progress, encompassing test series, exams, assignments, and live class attendance. These detailed reports enable educators to identify areas of improvement and tailor their teaching strategies accordingly, ensuring that students receive the support they need to excel. By leveraging the power of Tutor Pro's student analysis tools, you can create a more effective and personalized learning experience for your platform's users.

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Custom E-Learning Development
One-to-One Mentoring

Tutor Pro takes the learning experience to the next level by offering one-to-one mentoring, ensuring that students receive the personalized attention crucial for their success. This valuable feature allows students to connect with experienced mentors who provide tailored guidance, support, and insights, promoting a deeper comprehension of the course material and boosting overall academic achievement. By incorporating one-to-one mentoring into your e-learning platform, you set your platform apart from competitors and create an exceptional educational experience that prioritizes student success.

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Custom E-Learning Development
Online Payment

A seamless payment system is critical for any e-learning platform. Tutor Pro integrates secure online payment options, making it easy for students to enrol in courses and for entrepreneurs to manage their businesses effectively.

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Custom E-Learning Development

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  • You will get a 4 digit OTP (One Time Password). Please enter the OTP to the OTP screen and click Verify OTP.
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