Futuring is modifying their learning management system to develop a learning app in collaboration with Trogon Media.

Client Background:

Futuring Learning Solutions, under the leadership of Shejith Edathil, has been a beacon of quality education in Kerala. Specializing in IIT JAM and Chemistry coaching, Futuring has long took shelter ambitions to extend its educational reach nationwide. Understanding the power of online learning, Futuring sought to collaborate with Trogon Media to transform their existing digital resources into an intuitive mobile application.


Futuring faced the challenge of transcending geographical limitations to cater to students across India. Their traditional classroom model was effective locally but lacked the scalability required for broader outreach. Additionally, they recognized the need to provide personalized support to each student, a feat difficult to achieve through conventional teaching methods.

Trogon Media's Approach:

Trogon Media's approach was rooted in understanding Futuring's unique requirements and vision for expansion. They embarked on the creation of a Learning Management System (LMS) platform that would serve as the backbone of Futuring's online education initiatives. Collaboration and communication were key as Trogon Media worked closely with Futuring to ensure the platform aligned with their teaching methodologies and student-centered approach.

Solution Provided:

The result of Trogon Media's efforts was a comprehensive e-learning platform tailored specifically for Futuring's students. This platform housed a wealth of educational resources including lessons, videos, and practice tests, all accessible through a user-friendly interface. Crucially, it facilitated personalized interaction between students and teachers, bridging the gap between physical and online classrooms.

    Key Features:

  • Rich repository of educational content
  • Engaging video lectures by experienced faculty
  • Practice tests for exam preparation
  • Direct communication channels for student-teacher interaction
  • Cross-device compatibility for seamless access


    The collaboration between Trogon Media and Futuring bore fruit as the newly launched platform garnered widespread acclaim among students. Enrollment numbers surged as students from various corners of the country embraced the convenience and effectiveness of online learning. Futuring's reach expanded exponentially, solidifying its position as a frontrunner in the field of IIT JAM coaching.


    In partnership with Trogon Media, Futuring successfully transcended geographical barriers to deliver quality education to students nationwide. The creation of a robust LMS platform empowered both students and teachers, fostering a dynamic learning environment conducive to academic success. The collaboration serves as a testament to the transformative potential of technology in education, demonstrating how innovative solutions can enrich the learning experience for students of all backgrounds