Revolutionizing Seafood Shopping with Bellvery Trogon Media's Exceptional E-commerce Solution


Bellvery, a leading provider of fresh seafood and meats, sought Trogon Media's expertise to develop a complicated shopping app tailored to their unique requirements. With branches in Bangalore and Calicut, Bellvery aimed to streamline its delivery operations and enhance user experience through a seamless e-commerce platform.

Understanding the Client's Needs:

Trogon Media's team of skilled developers and designers closely collaborated with Bellvery to grasp their business requirements and pain points. The objective was clear: to create an intuitive shopping app that not only facilitated real-time order tracking but also combined seamlessly with Bellvery's existing systems.

The Solution: Bellvery App:

The result of this collaboration was the Bellvery app—an innovative e-commerce platform catering to both business-to-business and business-to-consumer transactions. This user-friendly app revolutionized the seafood shopping experience, offering customers in Calicut the convenience of ordering fresh fish, chicken, meat, and dry fish online, directly from the source.

Key Features:

  • 1. Ordering Convenience: The app enables customers to browse and purchase premium quality fish, chicken, meat, and dry fish with ease.
  • 2. Coin Collecting: Customers earn coins with each purchase, which can be redeemed for discounts on future orders, fostering loyalty.
  • 3. Real-time Order Tracking: Users can track the status of their orders in real-time, ensuring transparency and peace of mind.
  • 4. Hygienic Processing: Bellvery's commitment to hygiene and freshness is maintained through modern technology processing of their products.
  • 5. Educational Initiatives: The app includes educational resources to promote awareness about the importance of healthy living and sustainable practices.


The collaboration between Trogon Media and Bellvery yielded significant results:
  • ● Increased customer engagement and satisfaction due to enhanced user experience.
  • ● Improved delivery efficiency and order management through real-time tracking capabilities.
  • ● Enhanced brand loyalty and retention facilitated by innovative features like coin collecting.
  • ● Expansion of Bellvery's reach and customer base, driving business growth and profitability.

Success Metrics:

Trogon Media's collaboration with Bellvery proved to be a resounding success. The Bellvery app witnessed a leap in user engagement and sales, surpassing the client's expectations. The seamless integration of features such as real-time order tracking and coin-collecting encouragement contributed to the app's popularity among seafood enthusiasts in Calicut.


In conclusion, Trogon Media's expertise in developing custom e-commerce solutions was instrumental in transforming Bellvery's business operations. The Bellvery app not only streamlined delivery operations but also brought up customer loyalty through innovative features. With Trogon Media's support, Bellvery successfully embarked on its mission to provide fresh, high-quality seafood to its customers while educating and enlightening society on the importance of healthy eating habits.