Implementing ERP apps in educational management

Client Background:

Albirr Group of Schools, a renowned educational institution with over 350+ branches globally, sought to modernize their administrative processes. With a focus on Islamic values and child-friendly academic programs, their vision aimed at shaping young minds across India, Oman, and Saudi Arabia. With 15,000+ students and 1,500+ teachers, Albirr Group of Schools required a scalable solution to manage their extensive network efficiently.

Client Challenge:

Albirr Group of Schools faced administrative challenges in managing their extensive network efficiently. With a Expansive number of students, teachers, and branches, traditional administrative methods were proving to be time-consuming and inefficient. Additionally, effective communication between staff and parents was a key concern for the management.

Trogon Media Solution:

Recognizing Albirr's unique needs, Trogon Media developed a Complicated ERP app tailored to efficient their administrative processes and enhance communication channels. The ERP app offered a comprehensive range of functionalities, including:

  • 1. Centralized Management System: Implement a digital platform made for efficient event organization.
  • 2. Training Sessions: Provide regular training to students, teachers, and parents to enhance organizational skills.
  • 3. Attendance Tracking: Simplifying the monitoring of student and staff attendance across multiple branches.
  • 4. Grade and Assignment Management: Facilitating uninterrupted management of grades and assignments for efficient academic tracking.
  • 5. Fee Management: Automating fee collection and management processes for improved financial administration.
  • 6. Messaging Platform: Enabling direct communication between staff and parents, rearing better collaboration and transparency.
  • 7. Real-time Dashboard: Providing administrators with a centralized dashboard for instant insights into key metrics and performance indicators.

Additional Services Provided by Trogon Media:

In addition to the core functionalities of the ERP app, Trogon Media offered further support to Albirr Group of Schools with specialized services such as student tests, festivals, teacher training, and parent examinations. This Comprehensive approach ensured that Albirr's educational management needs were comprehensively addressed.


By implementing Trogon Media's customized ERP app, Albirr Group of Schools witnessed a significant transformation in their administrative efficiency and communication channels. The efficient processes and enhanced functionalities provided by the ERP app enabled Albirr to manage their extensive network with ease and precision. Moreover, the additional services offered by Trogon Media further enriched Albirr's educational ecosystem, contributing to its success and growth.


The collaboration between Trogon Media and Albirr Group of Schools exemplifies the power of technology in revolutionizing educational management. Through the development and implementation of a tailored ERP app, Trogon Media not only addressed Albirr's immediate challenges but also laid a foundation for future scalability and innovation. As Albirr continues to Prosper in its mission of providing quality education rooted in Islamic values, Trogon Media remains a trusted partner in their journey towards excellence.